Generate JSON easily with simple HTML forms

JSON can be quite a powerful format to store data and is a format that you can use to power your apps on App Inventor using my JSON tools extension.

Sometimes however you may need other people to add content to your app and in this respect JSON is not the most user-friendly format to use when you need other people to contribute content who don't understand JSON.

What I've developed is a easier way to generate JSON as long as you have a standard format for your data to use, with consistent attributes that will not change, for example "button1colour", "postDate", or "timestamp"

The link to the jsfiddle above contains some of the code which demonstrates this in HTML and JavaScript, whether you need clients to be able to update the JSON in your JSON powered apps or just to make it simpler for you to manage your own apps this is a great tool you can use to make it easier to update your JSON.

To use this simply create a HTML form with the text Fields that you require, and attach the onsubmit attribute to the JavaScript function as demonstrated in the jsfiddle.


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