App Inventor Extensions

The following is a listing of App Inventor extensions that are created and maintained by myself, these extensions will work in App Inventor, Thunkable, and any other distribution of App Inventor.

You are free to use any of these extensions in your project's.

Countdown extension - Provides a range of methods for getting the duration between two dates.
- WebViewTools extension - Provides heaps of options to enable more advanced functionality in the WebViewer component which is disabled by default.
- WebViewCookieTools extension - Provides methods for clearing cookies, setting cookies, and getting cookies.
- JSONTools extension - This is a Beta version of the JSONTools extension, this extension allows you to more easily access data stored in JSON format.

For a complete list of extensions for Thunkable, App Inventor, and other distributions check the index page in the Thunkable Community Forums:


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