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How to hide the status bar in your Thunkable apps

How to hide the Android status bar in Thunkable If you are creating a full screen app for Android, or an app that requires as much screen real estate as possible, one thing you may like to do is hide the Android status bar.
What is the status bar? The status bar in Android is that bar at the top of the screen which shows you all your notification icons and status icons such as your Wi-Fi status, battery status, and the current time.

How to hide the status bar
The first step to hide in the status bar is to add in the screen and initialise block from the screen blocks section in the blocks pane.
Next you will need to find the "show status bar" block, this can be found in the same section as the screen initialise block.
Drag the "show status bar" block inside of the screen initialise block.

Lastly drag in the false block from the logic blocks section and attach it to "show status bar"
Your code should look as follows.
Now if you run your app you should noti…

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