What I'd like to see on Thunkable in 2017

I discovered the platform Thunkable in 2016, and even though the service, and the MIT project which started it all dates back to 2010, learning about such a powerful, and best of all FREE service that allows absolutely anyone to learn and build real android applications is just mind blowing to me.

While the team at Thunkable are currently hard at work building an iOS version of the drag-and-drop app building platform, I've compiled a list of some of the features and improvements I'd like to see in 2017.

😁= Features Thunkable added!

  • Google Maps - Ability to set MapOptions JSON to style the map😁
  • Google Maps - Ability to set rotation, as well as other attributes like zoom level😁
  • Google Maps - Ability to change marker icons😁
  • Google Maps - Ability to draw lines on the map😁
  • Google Maps - If possible(This may be against Google Maps TOS) the ability to enable or disable the directions options that show when you tap a marker
  • Image Sprite - Perhaps a touch and hold event? This would save having to add a timer to the project where you may already have a few
  • Image Sprite - The ability to programmatically create sprites without having the element added, and/or the ability to clone sprites similar to how Scratch works.
  • Canvas - Multi-Touch support which would allow you to use Image Sprites as directional controls in a canvas and simultaneously move and jump at the same time.
  • Screen - Ability to customise the app title bar element, adding a menu icon and support for a cross screen menu element
  • Screen - Change colour of title bar😁
  • Screen - Change colour of status bar
  • Blocks - Support for custom classes and methods would open up a lot of opportunities. e.g you could create a Person object which has attributes such as firstName, lastName .etc
  • Designer - Perhaps something like a template where you can create your initial app structure and appearance and can copy it across to other screens without having to recreate the same elements from scratch
  • Designer - Ability to "layer" elements on top of each other, this would allow the creation of custom dialog boxes and more.
  • Designer - Ability to add shadows to elements.
  • Designer - Ability to create custom list views, the current listview element is quite basic but I'd like the ability to create a custom view that can hold information such as course name, course duration, along with a header image. This would enable you to easily and dynamically create elements on a page.
  • Elements - Push Notifications using Google Cloud Messaging
While the team at Thunkable are incredibly busy at the moment, hopefully some of these features get added in this new year!

Happy new year!

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