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The are quite a number of people using App Inventor and Thunkable to create their own mobile apps and many of those people are getting into creating extensions for these platforms, the great thing about developing your own extensions is that it isn't too difficult once you have your development environment set up and have a basic understanding of Java.

I have created a number of resources to help extension developers on ThunkableBlocks, and to continue providing I have compiled a list of open source extensions, these are extensions that people have developed and have made the code available for anyone to see, you can view the code to learn how the extension works and learn more about the underlying code.

The following is a complete list of about 10 - 15 open source extensions for Thunkable and App Inventor, and I will be looking to expand this list in the future with some of my own extensions as well.

If you have an open source extension that you would like added to this list, leave a comment below and Ill add your open source extension to this list.

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